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Study Abroad Fair – February 28th 10:30 AM – Davis Hall

Come Explore all of the 2019 programs and meet the faculty leading the trips.

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Must have 3.0 GPA or Higher.

Only Three places remaining in the Italy Culinary program.

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Christian and his excellent guides arranged an amazing and afforadable adventure for our students. They treated us like family and were quick to accommodate any special needs and tried to make arrangements in a way that everyone got the best experiences out of our trip. Christian, Tito, and Ludrick’s positive attitude and quick wit kept everyone upbeat and having fun. The guides’ expertise was unmatched. I have studied abroad before and have never had such knowledgeable, friendly, and fun guides. I will definitely be using SAA for all our future trips. Thanks again for providing such an amazing experience for our students!

Amber C.

Authentic and affordable educational study tours that can be entirely customized and fit all course needs and itineraries. From the perspective of a seasoned education abroad professional, I highly recommend using Study Abroad Association services!

Tanith F.

I recently led a study abroad trip to Ireland and England. The Study Abroad Association did a fantastic job of organizing relevant tours, creating a wonderful experience for those on the trip. Our guides, Chris, Martin, and John, we fabulous. They were knowledgeable, helpful, and fun. Christian was so easy to work with as we planned this trip. I highly recommend traveling with The Study Abroad Association!

Jennifer E.